Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Iron Sharpens Iron Lunch Recap

If you were at the luncheon and wanted the book Love and Respect, by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs, we have them!   We are working on getting them on our website.  Hope to have them available by the end of the week.  
We only have a limited amount.  Let us know if you want to reserve one.  $20/hardback (lower price than bookstores.)  

Personal Note:
Someone bought my personal copy of Love and Respect on Friday at the luncheon!   I brought it as a demo and for anyone to look through for ordering.  (We thought the ones we ordered would have been in by Friday.)  
Sorry.  Totally our fault as we were short handed on Friday.  Please let me know if you have it.  I’ll gladly give you a brand new copy that's not marked  and highlighted!

 Ephesians 5:33
"...and the wife must respect her husband."
Just in case you missed the lunch on Friday OR were there and wanted a recap…  HERE GOES!

We learned foundational truth's of a man’s language – Respect!    We are all on a different journey with the Lord, but this was a foundational teaching that you can use in dealing with men in general. 
Autumn, describing the roller coaster ride we often find ourselves on by the way we communicate.

Autumn Weikert, marriage counselor and speaker, helped us to understand the way a man thinks, lives and breathes.  SO FAR DIFFERENT than us girls.   Not wrong…  Just different.

From the book, Love and Respect by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs, states that

·        Women see through pink sunglasses and hear through pink headphones.  Men see through blue sunglasses and through blue headphones.  So many times we are speaking a foreign language to each other.

Autumn described conflict/fighting/disagreeing as riding a roller coaster .  We were challenged to get off.   Here are some bullet points for how Eph. 5:33, “wives must respect their husbands,” is lived out.

·        Respect is not an optional – it is a command from the Lord.  If we want love, we must first offer respect.

·        During fights – don’t bring up things from the past.  Deal with the issue at hand.  1 Cor. 13:5 “love does not keep a record of wrongs.”

·        During conflict – men often get angry and women often cry.  Men separate themselves in order to calm down, doing the “respect” thing.   They need distance.   Where as women want to confront to resolve – doing the "loving thing."

Realize that they need space to cool off and to calm down.  We need space to get our emotions under control.

·        In areas of deep despair,  the point is “not who needs to change, but who is willing to change.”

·        We were reminded that we are not alone.  We were challenged, not to quit.  God is faithful.

·        We were challgened to give our husband’s a gift they may not necessarily deserve – the gift of respect.

These were some of the highlights! 

A podcast and CD will be available in the coming days. 
More Pictures will be available as well!

Tomorrow:  Tidbits from the workshop

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  1. Sounds like a great workshop! Thank you for posting these for those of us who couldn't attend.