Thursday, April 29, 2010

Using the 'Gift Card'

Every spring and fall, I clean out my closet. Last fall, I was bold in my approach. If it didn't fit, if I wasn't wearing it, if it was too worn, or if I just plain didn't like it, out it went! In disgust of the clutter, I may have gone a bit overboard because now that I re-evaluate, I have one pair of shorts and two spring shirts left...

Since I'm a stay-at-home mom on a budget, I don't have the luxury of shopping very much. My birthday was April 1st (I'm now officially knocking on 40's door step), and each year my wonderful family showers me with gift cards to my favorite shopping spots. This year was no different.

Well, it's the end of April now, and I've yet to go shopping. Day after day, I stand in my closet in utter bewilderment of what to wear. This is crazy - why have I not used what I have in my pocket (free money!) to buy myself some clothes. I tell myself that my schedule is too hectic, that my home responsibilities are ramping up. Yet I believe its just plain laziness.

The Lord revealed to me today that prayer is the same way. We have at our disposal THE Power of the universe, THE Wisest Mind in the universe, and THE Source of all knowledge. Our God is a prayer-hearing and prayer-answering God. He is a personal God as well. Yet just like those gift cards, what good is He to us if we fail to go to Him in prayer? Do you--like me--sometimes stand in the closet of your fears, insecurities, and difficult issues in utter bewilderment? Let's start using the 'Gift Card' of prayer that God has given to us as our first response. Prayer gives us access to the Throne Room of God 24/7. Prayer is powerful. Prayer moves the hand of God in amazing ways. When we pray, we invite the Power of the universe into our circumstances and His power is unleashed into the lives of those we love. Things change when we turn to God in prayer. WE change when we turn to God in prayer...

This morning on my the way to my children's school, my daughter was worrying that she wasn't prepared enough for her spelling test. Instead of drilling her on the words - we turned to God in prayer. I can't wait to see this afternoon how my personal God will answer this seemingly small request so that He can become personal to my daughter... Is He personal to you? Let's resolve to start using our 'gift cards'.

In the meantime, I think I'll go shopping!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Does God Really Talk to Us?

The Furman clan!
I recently attended my 20th high school reunion! The question of the night was, "what are you doing now?" Most everyone responded by sharing their profession or information about their families... The answer I would give threw most for a loop. Sadly, due to my ambitious social climbing in high school, I was the least likely to answer, "I'm a Christian writer and speaker!"

I can still see the look on their faces - total bewilderment. Many them looked at me as if I had suddenly grown three heads! Two classmates in particular were bold enough to inquire further, "how did you start doing THAT?" with the emphasis on "that"! I wish you could have seen their speechless gaze when I answered, "God told me to!"

I believe the astonishment came from hearing that God speaks. You could tell that this was a totally new thought to my old friends. Unfortunately, many believers look at me this very same way when I share something that I believe God has spoken into my heart.

Do you believe God speaks? Or does God just speak to the super spiritual people like pastors and preachers and teachers and evangelists? Well let this simple southern girl tell you - without any hesitation - God Speaks!

The God of the Universe, the One who hangs the stars in place and calls them each by name, speaks! The One who spoke all things into existence; the One who was with Adam in the Garden; the One who walked with Noah; the One who talked to Abraham; the One who has always existed and will continue to exist - speaks!

I've never heard the audible voice of God, but I hear Him speaking in depths of my heart everytime I open my Bible. Personally, I can't get over it! I meet with Him most every morning. I grab my coffee and my Bible, I go to my comfy chair, and in the solitude -------- the Wisest Mind in the Universe meets with me. He directs my steps; He encourages me; He comforts me when I'm facing insecurities and fears that threaten to unravel my day. He speaks! He doesn't just speak to the spiritually super people. He wants to speak to you and to me!

Join me on this exciting journey!